Partners in Parenting

As a parent, one thing the books never teach you is how to communicate with your children. All to often, communication is misunderstood by body language, tone, or even simple phrases. At A New Path we know the struggle. For struggling parents who need a little extra help, we offer social groups that help parents interact with their children to build healthy relationships.

 Partners in Parenting is a group that focuses on concepts important for parenting effectiveness such as communication skills, guidance techniques and positive discipline strategies.  The emphasis is on building skills, providing support and helping parents understand the needs and abilities of children during different stages of development. Partners in Parenting is a 6-week long program that allows parents from all over the Treasure Valley to get the help they need from counselors and qualified professionals. This group gives parents the opportunity to meet with other parents who may be struggling with the same issues, and share experiences while getting the help they need. For more information regarding partners in parenting, call us today at (208) 321-7465 or visit our location at 8950 W Emerald Street #156 Boise, ID 83704.