Domestic Violence Counseling in Idaho

A New Path is a domestic violence treatment center for offenders, abusers, and batterers, both men and women. We offer a variety of programs to help men, women and children handle stressful situations without the use of physical or emotional abuse. To help families struggling with domestic violence, parenting guidance, or adolescent assistance we also offer parenting and adolescent classes. With the use of MRT-DV and a variety of counseling methods, A New Path offers groups such as Emerge, Expect Respect, and Partners in Parenting to produce positive relationships between spouses, parents, and children. Each program helps individuals find clarity and a peace of mind through counseling, group exercises, and personal practice.

Our mission is to build healthy relationships between spouses, parents and children through counseling, therapy, and positive interaction. We believe violence and aggression are learned behaviors one encounters at some point in life. Just as any behavior can be learned, we believe aggressive and abusive behavior can be unlearned. Our cognitive behavioral programs range from 6 weeks to 52 weeks long and help men, women, and children relearn how to handle stressful situations. Call us today to speak with a therapist about starting “a new path”.

We Offer
  • Domestic Violence Counseling (Men)
  • Domestic Violence Counseling (Women)
  • Parenting Groups (Struggling Parents)
  • Adolescent Groups
  • Moral Recognition Therapy-Domestic Violence (MRT-DV)

A New Path is a court approved evidence based curriculum providing Domestic violence offender treatment to both men and women